‘A visual person first I create poetry parallel from the same stream of consciousness.  Put the two together it becomes performance art conjuring kinetic pictures.’


‘I actually found my voice in poetry,” said Rogge Rehders. “I love producing that commentary.” Both her visual art and writing are about expressing how she sees the world- and sharing that with others. The challenge will be to find a balance between the two. Rogge Rehders is none too concerned.  She’ll let the spirit move her.


The Interlake Enterprise, January 22-2014, reporting on the local arts scene. P. 22.

Jim Mosher

“Clearly influenced by Oriental landscape tradition the most striking feature of H. Rogge Rehders’ work is freshness. Though seemingly straightforward the work has nevertheless evolved from her history of creating overtly political art.”


Marnie Butvin, Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

Avian in the morning light

Acrylic on canvas

32" x 47"

“In a field of iconoclasts H. Rogge Rehders has made her mark both as an artist and as an activist for the arts.”


Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg

Do trees dream of acid rain?

Acrylic on canvas

9" x 10" ( 23cm x 26cm )

EXXON VALDEZ - Oil contaminating the oceans

Acrylic on canvas

9" x 10" ( 23cm x 26 cm)

H.RoggeRehders handles colour beautifully: Her paintings, like most good landscapes, prove that nature is not simple- that the conventional blue of water is sometimes green, white, black or even red.”


Alison Gillmor, Winnipeg Free Press

Heron fishing in the shallows

Acrylic on paper

3" x 5"

Vertical Dive

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 60"

Homage to Toulouse Lautrec